Gazpacho Recipe By Chef Vikas Chawla


Gazpacho is a Spanish soup, served chilled. It is incredibly easy to prepare by blending good quality raw tomatoes and vegetables, without any cooking process. Other main ingredients are extra virgin olive oil, toasted bread, sherry vinegar and of course ice cubes. Ice cubes maintain the temperature that otherwise rises during blending caused by friction of blades.


Green Capsicum        half medium size / 50 gms

Red Bell Pepper      half medium size / 50 gms

Cucumber with skin     50 gms

Tomatoes      3 nos . / 250 gms

Onion      half small size / 30 gms

Garlic       1 clove

Toasted Bread       20 gms and extra to garnish on top

Chilled Water       half cup or little more if you like

Olive oil        2 tablespoons

Sherry Vinegar        1 tablespoon or little more as per your taste

Salt       to taste

Black pepper        2 pinches

Ice cubes for blending     4 nos.

Yellow Bell Pepper       1 medium / 100 gms

(for garnish)


Wash, clean and cut tomatoes into half or quarter size chunks. Wash and clean peppers, cut the side with knife to get the chunk of mentioned weight. Roast yellow bell pepper on high flame and keep covered for 10 minutes in a bowl to soften charred skin in it’s own steam. Remove skin, clean it and cut length wise. Take any stale bread loaf or slices and toast them in oven or on hot plate.

Now put all vegetables, olive oil, vinegar, and toasted bread in a blender. Add half cup of chilled water, ice cubes, salt and a pinch of black pepper powder. Blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy in texture. Check salt and adjust as per your taste. You may add more vinegar to it as per your taste. Pour the Gazpacho soup in serving bowl of your choice and place smoked yellow pepper strips in the centre.

Drizzle some olive oil , a pinch of black pepper and few toasted bread cubes on top.

Chef Vikas Chawla

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