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Hello everyone, we are starting with a new segment. From the wide array of options we have for our entertainment it is definitely not easy to choose one. So here are Friday Reviews to make it a little easy for you. We will be reviewing a web series, a short film, or a movie every week. So for this week’s Friday reviews we have “Imtiaz Ali’s She”

Name – SHE

Director – IMTIAZ ALI

Category – WEB SERIES



Network – NETFLIX



Topping Netflix India’s trending list, she is a woman centred web show. Bhumika Pardesi played by Aaditi, is a police constable who poses as a prostitute in an undercover operation to gather intelligence about a high-profile drug smuggler. Sassya played by Vijay sharma is a local goon who is working for Nayak a local drug lord. The show has instance of disturbing sexual assault.

The story is all about Bhumika Pardeshi struggling with her personal life, her past sexual assaults and trying to put up  with her carreer. Her work requires her to feel confident about her body and her looks. When she tries to do so, merely to keep her job, she inculcates both comfort and confidence leading to the discovery of her stronger self. She uses her now-groomed look for the benefit of the police department and by the end, for her own interests. Overall the way the character has evolved through every episode is remarkable.

Imtiaz Ali's She


Imtiaz Ali’s She could have redefined how women, their bodies and sexuality are represented in cinema and television. But the show lacks in certain aspects. The problem with this web show is that its trying to express way too much and the amalgamation of those ideas has rather turned out to be a mess.

The concept framework attempts to depict the menaces of misogyny, with women belittled at work and not believed at home. Simultaneously a crime plot on drug cartels. The story unfolds multiple threads which could not be spun together.

Secondly moving on to the central theme of Women Empowerment which has been wrongly presented. Bhumi finds a new side of her persona during the encounter with Sasya, and there onwards, decides to weaponize her sexuality for her survival. To put in another words the show creates an illusion  that a woman’s body  works as the chain to control the developments around her.

Thirdly, the  creators wanted to emphasise on a girl exploring her sexuality. To much of audience’s  disappointment that aspect is also garbled. The show is supposedly about a woman exploring her sexuality, but sadly we see her doing that completely from a male’s point of view.

Imtiaz Ali's She


Overlooking all the loops in the plot, both the lead actors have performed exceptionally well. It is indeed hard to take eyes off  Aaditi Pohankar and Vijay Sharma. Infact this might end up as the only convincing reason to watch the whole series as they hold the show  together. There could have been more of Vijay Sharma on the screen. Though the title justifies itself but somewhere the execution is not upto the mark.

So we rate Imtiaz Ali’s She 2.5/5.


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