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Mukesh Mehra

As notions of femininity and masculinity blur fashion and style are no longer
words we associate with women. Today, men invest equally if not more time in putting together an outfit. One of the many people responsible for this change is- Mukesh Mehra, the pioneer of Men’s fashion in Punjab. His label Mahi Collection has been loved and worn by some of the biggest names in the
Punjabi entertainment industry. The celebrity designer who has styled for films like Tera Mera ki Rishta, Sadi Love Story, RSVP, says, ‘men are no longer conscious and are experimenting with style like never before.’
In an exclusive interview with the award winning fashion designer we got
chatty about his journey so far and what the road ahead looks like.
How do you define fashion?
Fashion is all about expressing yourself. It’s important to dress like who you
are as it helps you to put your best foot forward. And of course, it is about
being confident and feeling comfortable.
What inspired you to get into competitive fashion industry?
My parents were cloth merchants, so I guess fashion is in my blood. Ever since, I knew I wanted to take the business ahead and fuel my creative energy in the right direction.
At a time when men’s fashion barely existed in Punjab, you chose to start a
label specifically for men, why?
When I started there was no designer in men’s wear, I wanted just like women
men should be styled by experts. And as someone who is inspired by the royal
family, I wanted common man to have access to flamboyant, experimental
clothes for special occasions.
How important is fashion for men?
Fashion is now equally important for men. They have become cautious and are picky, especially when it comes to their D-day and special occasions.
What does a woman find attractive in a man’s style?
Confidence and intelligence are two qualities that make a man attractive. But a stylish wardrobe and grooming are important as well. However, shoes are the first thing that women notice. Pro Tip: Women love rolled out sleeves as it
gives a cool and approachable vibe.
What tips would you like to give for a casual day out?
I would recommend white tee/shirt with a pair of classic denims and sneakers.
It’s a comfortable and pocket friendly look. Printed shirts with khakis are also a great option!
What are some of the biggest trends a groom must keep in mind this
wedding season?
Today we have so many options, drapes and styles for men so the list is
endless. But if I really have to break it down then here’s what I would suggest:
For the Roka ceremony, opt for a waist coat with pants/ denims.Go for an easy and classy look for Mehendi/ Haldi ceremony by donning a draped kurta
pyjama. Team a colored kurta pyjama with a brocade waist code and keep it
simple for Jago.
Designer three-piece suit is a perfect choice for Shagun. Wear a funky tie,
pocket square and a smart broach to complete the look.
Stay true to your ethnicity for the D-day by wearing a well fitted Shervani, pair
it with customized accessories like turban, shawl and jutties. I strongly
recommend a Tuxedo for the Reception. Don’t forget to accessorise your look
with broaches, cufflinks and bows with sashays!
At the end, I would like to say that don’t change your-self to fit into fashion,
change the fashion as you seem to fit.
How is costume designing for films different from designing clothes for
general public?
While designing costumes for films we have to keep in mind the character and
the scene. And the process is pretty much the same while designing for general
public we have to ensure the outfit not only fits the groom’s body but also his
What does a regular day in the life of a celebrity designer look like?
I like to start my work early, so I reach my factory by 8:00 am. I oversee the
work followed by which I brainstorm with my design team. Days when there
are back to back meetings are hectic but when you love what you do, work
doesn’t feel like work.
Where do you men’s fashion in the next ten years?
Men’s fashion industry has just started to bloom. So, I do hope that it evolves
rapidly and as a designer, my motto is to be innovative and create out of the
box designs. I also want more men to experiment and be bold with their
choices both for casual and ethnic wear.
Lastly, what tips would you like to give to young designers who are starting
out? Be original, innovative and don’t be afraid to experiment. The road ahead is glamorous but not easy.

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