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This time I visited a very well know brand in delhi which is Nueva , Well now lets first talk about the interiors of the place . Its a beautiful place with cozy atmosphere , lighting was also perfect , sitting space was also perfect , There is a ample of space to sit an ground floor plus at first floor also .

Now if i talk about service , It was way to good , staff was fully attentive an always keeping a eye on every table , before even a guest asks for something they immediately reaches the table to help every guest , not only helping the guest on there needs plus also helping an suggesting them the food food an beverage they can try at this beautiful place .

Now here comes the best part which is Food An Beverage , so in Beverages we tried
Pisco sour well it is a cocktail composed of egg whites , lime , water , vinegar an it was really good in taste loved it .

Neok sour its was also good with the base of egg whites an red wine .

Now if i talk about the food which was really good in taste so in food we tried many items like .

In soups An Salads
We tried soup of the day which was clear soup with lots of vegetables in it very tasty an refreshing in taste .

In salads we tried quinoa garden fresh salad which was really good in taste , very fresh though an the infusion of flavors were making it more good .

South western chicken salad this was also really goo din taste specially the marination of chicken chunks an the infusion of other ingredients giving it a wonderful taste .

Now we also tried few small bites like .
Stickers dumpling, well these are really appealing an tasty in this we tried a mix of veg an non-veg both like vegetables , prawns along with it there in-house dips which were way to good in taste .

Mushroom ajillo its a snack consists of different mushrooms marinated an fried than tossed with dry mint , lime an served hot it was really good in taste .

Now we also tried some cold sushi rolls like .
Prawns Sushi made with prawns coated with sticky rice served along with 3 dips .

Asparagus suchi its a veg sushi made with asparagus tempura coated with sticky rice wonderful in taste .
Ceviche a cold starter severed with tiger milk must try out thing .

Now in main course we tried .
Buttered duck , its a creamy gravy base buttered duck served along with rice really good in taste an perfect flavors to along with steamed rice .

Vegetable Risotto very good perfect in taste creamy risotto mixed with lots of vegetables loved it .

Ravioli this was scrumptious in taste served along with some grilled vegetables an ravioli was cooked with a tangy tomato sauce .

Fish sole , this is basically sole of the fish served on the bed of black rice an fish was topped with chopped pistachio .

In desserts we tried .
Cinnamon Tiramisu it was creamy cold dessert made with beautiful flavors served with chocolate an cake dipped in it an the cinnamon is giving it a great taste .

Chocolate story its is a cold dessert chocolate balls served with chocolate shavings over chocolate sauce topped with a spicy rice an chocolate sheet .

Our experience at Nueva was really amazing.Our special thanks goes to Chef Ashish Singh for serving us with mouth watering delicacies and making us familiar with the European & Italuan food concept.

The specially designed menu by Chef Ashish Singh is the marvelous work done by him & the entire team of Nueva. Looking forward to visiting this place soon & again.

Review by Mohit Behl

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