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Exotic Eight – Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Rubby Singh

Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger Rubby Singh
Women weren’t born to create excuses, we were born to create excellence.  That chic supergirl as we all know her has set the excellence mark pretty high. Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Rubby Singh slaying the  fashion scene of the city. Here is a women’s day special from Team Glamtalks, An Enticing conversation with one of our Exotic Eight Women “Rubby Singh.”


Tell us your success story.

I created my Instagram account in 2012, and started with my blog later in 2015. Little did I know that it would become my full-time career in near future. Back then I did it purely for my love for fashion, I didn’t know that I could even earn from it. My first fashion event was with Juicy Couture for their store launch at Elante Mall. Eventually the brands started noticing bloggers in the city and reached out for opportunities. Now I’ve worked with a couple of Global Brands like Christian Dior, Estēe Lauder, MAC, Forever New, Reebok just to name a few. And was also honoured with The Best Fashion Blogger award in 2019. I still have a long way to go but I’m also proud of where I have reached.


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What makes your work unique
I feel that my page is inclusive of fashion content along with travel stories, beauty and lifestyle. My page is not just all about sponsored content but also shows you my personal styling and relatable fashion.


What woman inspires you and why 

Every woman inspires me in a way. There’s a lot on a woman’s plate and inspite of that she balances it all and continues the hustle to reach her goals. There might be some upspoken battle that she’s fighting but the way she carries herself really stuns me. From celebrities to a non-celebrity woman, every one with a story inspires me.


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 A quote that you live by 
“Rise above the storm, and you will find the sunshine” – Mario Fernandez


One word that defines you best 
A legacy you wish to leave 
My name


 Your stress buster 



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 Is there any assumption about woman that you need to change and why ?
That a woman must be a certain size or of a certain skin tone or should meet a societal approved beauty standard. I would like for people to educate themselves on how every skin tone or body size is beautiful. It’s 2020 and a high time for the society to ditch these high-level beauty standards. Being in a good mental space and a healthy state is of utmost importance.


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 Where do you see yourself in the years to come?
Going Global!


 Heels or flats?
Heels and Sneakers!!


 A tag line that best describes your work 
“A Kaleidoscope in making”


 Your dream project 
Representing my country on a Global platform


Your favourite clothing brand 


 What is your personal fashion statement?
I mostly rely on basics and accessories. A white shirt paired with blue standout denim and the right accessories would be my go-to!


 What is your daily make up routine?
I start with a good prep-up as I believe our skin is a canvas and as long as it’s not moisturised or primed nicely, the makeup wouldn’t glide or look as seamless. On a daily basis, I pick a BB-cream instead of a foundation and focus on the brows and eyes. Lots of blush and lip tint goes a long way! Also, less is more.



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What trend will you never get tired of 
Wide-Leg and Bootcut denim


Your favourite style icon 
Victoria Beckham


Undoubtedly the city’s best fashion and lifestyle blogger Rubby Singh has made a mark with quality work. Being the game changer is  what makes Rubby one of our Exotic eight women. Stay tuned for the stories of seven such young and inspiring women of substance.



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