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Exotic Eight : Bani Arora


We think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our society than any other single profession, so how could we not have a teacher in Exotic eight. Allow us to introduce to you all Bani Arora who has been making a difference in her own way.

What makes your work unique?
I am a teacher to students from 20 different countries with varying degree of previous academic knowledge, english language proficiency, etc. Everyday is a new learning experience for me at work. Interacting everyday with so many different cultures keeps me challenged yet excited. There has never been a dull work day in 4 years.

Bani Arora

Do you put on a “teacher face “ in front of your students ?
Haha I don’t know what that even is. I am as human infront of my students as I possibly can be. I never shy from accepting my mistake, I learn with them and sometimes even from them. I strive to build relationships not fear

A quote that you live by
“Don’t be scared of trying new things in life, great things never come from comfort zones “

What do you wish to inculcate in your students ( apart from academic curriculum) ?
Patience to never give up and an attitude of gratitude towards their achievements

Bani Arora

Any enduring ambitions to expand your work on a larger scale
The dream is to start my own Institution with cross country transfer programs. Starting from India and Canada in foreseeable future and then growing in other nations slowly.

Your stress buster
I don’t stress easy, but if I do all I need is a long sleep and I wake up with fresh energy and a positive attitude to fight my problem.

One word that defines you best

A legacy you wish to leave
To be remembered for my work. I want to make a difference in this world by providing knowledge and opportunities to young minds to widen their horizons.

A tag line that best describes your work
“Think different”

Do you always believe in mantaining discipline or do you prefer a relaxed / carefree atmosphere in class ?
It is prudent to have a safe, comfortable environment in class for learning to happen. Mistakes are welcomed in my class.

What kind of an equation do you share with them outside the classroom
Friendly guide , mentor .

Bani Arora

A moment when you felt everything is worth it.
I can’t describe that in one moment , there are several times when it all seems worth it , everytime a student gets into college , everytime they appreciate and see all the hard work I put in , everytime they insist on taking my class ( since I teach an optional subject ), It is always gratifying.

Apart from the boss lady that you are what all hobbies do you have
I love to travel , I am a foodie and an animal lover


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