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Dr. Navleen Turna


Doctor, Fashionista and Entrepreneur – rocking many hats with elan!

Dr. Navleen Turna’s creative streak, coupled with her verve, constantly push her to experiment with new ideas. This fashion forward entrepreneur has many an innovative project under her sleeve. With a keen sense of aesthetic and a sharp zest for life, read on to learn more about her latest venture …

Hailing from a business family, Dr. Navleen Turna is a dentist by profession with a Master’s Degree in Health and Human Services Management. A Deakin Graduate, she believes a great deal of her resourcefulness comes from having had much exposure both in terms of her education as well as being a people person. For as long as she can remember, her creative instinct has lead her from one exciting entrepreneurial venture to the next. The natural flair for being fashion forward and her keen eye for exquisite aesthetics are evident on her social media presence.

Navleen has tremendous insight into the secret ingredients required in building a brand that people aspire to. The ephemeral, intangible and aspirational qualities that really make a brand stand out with a strong personality of its own are very evident to Navleen. More than anything else, the urge and drive to set up her own venture comes from the innate need to channelize all of her boundless energy.

Her latest venture has a stunning name – ‘ El Firdaus Couture’. El Firdaus Couture promises to be the ultimate high-end fashion house focusing on street style fashion. Ambition, enthusiasm and a hyper-active mindset are the armor she brings to the table while setting up her new brand. A deeply customer centric attitude is invaluable for Navleen when it comes to creating her niche clientele. “Working very closely with clients and understanding their personality to figure out what resonates with them are key elements in bringing about a touch of personalization to your product”, she says. These factors help her differentiate herself from other brands and brings her closer to her product.

Her strong sense of self has her brimming with confidence and purpose. She puts her signature style out there, creating a wholesome lifestyle experience through her social media presence that others rightly aspire towards. It’s this deep sense of value and self-esteem that she wants her clients to embody when they experience her brand. Being a socialite and out and out people’s person too helps attract a lot of attention towards her ventures. Having a bent towards experimenting with new and bold ideas, opens her up to much visibility.

Navleen thrives on keeping things fresh. She’s often engrossed in planning intimate exhibitions to showcase new products. Her idea of marketing revolves around creating an experiential atmosphere and keeping things exclusive by inviting the crème de la crème to come participate in the event. “There’s nothing that can compare with the buzz generated through good word of mouth!”, she says.

Her artistic aesthete has been evident in her work when it comes to designing wedding invites. She has been responsible for designing her own line of invites for ‘Sweet Concepts’ for the illustrious Gopal Sweets called The Maharaja Collection, specifically for the Patiala outlets. Her experience working within the wedding industry has given her great insight into the luxury segment of this market, besides helping her form a strong network of business contacts within this realm.

When asked about the most difficult part of her journey towards establishing herself as an entrepreneur, Navleen quips “Having the courage to get out there and take the first step is the hardest part. Once you start with that, everything else falls into place. Of course, having the skill and creativity to back up your ideas is very important, but the courage to convince one’s own self to have the requisite faith in your idea is invaluable.”  The other thing, she feels, that really lacks in Punjab are strong mentorship programs that can provide much needed guidance for budding entrepreneurs. People coming together to share their experiences kills the lengthy process of making the same mistakes that have been made by those who’ve already established themselves in their businesses. Figuring everything out on your own is a very lengthy, haphazard and painstaking process. Strong, independent and confident women are an inspiration to Navleen. She has a deep understanding of the many obligations too that come from being born into privilege. Mindful of not taking things for granted, she believes it is essential to keep building upon oneself both physically and emotionally.

A fitness enthusiast by nature, Navleen believes that if you can control your body and mind, then you can control everything around you. “Being a successful entrepreneur is all about invoking that fire and passion within you”, she says.





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