Diwali Decor Ideas To Glam Up Your Home

Diwali & Decor go hand in hand. Festive vibe, bright colours, fairy lights, ethnic wear is that all we do? There is still a part left, the one I am most excited for. Diwali Decor Ideas to glam up your home are right here.

Decorate your garden

We usually tend to skip that part. But decorating your garden will give your house a whole new appeal. The garden will welcome guests into your home, so it is important that the garden has a inviting feel to it. Lighting up the garden will give the whole house a welcoming glow too.  You can opt for fairy lights and different types and sizes of lanterns to glam up the whole ambiance.
Diwali Decor Ideas

Bright Furnishing

We cant obviously change the furniture for Diwali. But the least that can be done is to add brighter colours to it. Bright cushions, vibrant printed mats, embroidered drapes are the solution.

Diwali Decor Ideas

Light up the Living Room

Grand lighting such as this charming chandelier hanging from the ceiling together with the ones on the walls create a festive ambiance in the living room.The elegant chandeliers light up the whole and add the sophisticated element. There’s no better way to celebrate Diwali than with lights galore.
Diwali Decor Ideas

Add traditional elements

Traditional Indian decor creates the suitable vibe for  festivals in India. The antique ware gives a very rustic look and is also authentic in its own way. Play with flowers and lights when placing such places in the different corners of your house.
Diwali Decor Ideas

Floating Glass Candles

This DIY is probably the easiest one. You will need, different shapes of glasses from your kitchen, some nice vibrant flowers, a pack of floating candles and water to fill up the glasses. Place the flower petals of your choice in the glasses, do not overdo as it might just steel the impact. Keep it nice and classy. Add water to the glasses a bit less than the brim and place your floating candles. That’s it light it up and your candles are ready.


You can experiment a lot with Diyas. Apart from the traditional influence they have , these little oil lamps are very versatile. Either give them a bright and blingy makeover using paints glitters beeds and ribbons . If not that you can also team them up and place them with flowers to create floral rangoli patterns.

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