Different Types of Sex That Almost Every Man Craves


Different Types of Sex That Almost Every Man Craves

You may assume that you have cracked your carnal code, but remember that there are plenty of ways to unleash your passion. Every man has a dormant desire to unlock his sexual desires almost every possible way. In fact, a man’s lusty desires could change with his age, hormones, stress levels, etc. Here are different types of sex that almost every man wants while rumbling in the sack

‘First-Time’ Sex –
Every man needs to begin somewhere. First-time sex tends to be fumbling as well as awkward. It’s less about doing everything properly and more about feeling happy about what he did. What makes a man navigate the awkwardness a lot more rewarding is considering the second time would be more pleasurable.

Makeup Sex –
Sex is not always motivated by passion or lust. Another kind of sex which has entered the fray is makeup sex or angry sex. A verbal spat or even a serious tiff happens in almost every relationship. The best way to bring an end to a tiff or a fight is to have sex. Both a man and a woman get their pent-up anger at one another, which would take a turn by taking out on one another’s body. Trust me; this is the best kind of sex a man could ever crave.

One-Night-Stand –
Gone are the days when people used to raise their eyebrows about one-night-stand. Having kinky sex with a stranger is the most exciting way of rumbling a man in the sack. In fact, most of the men prefer having an amazing sex sans being in love.


Friends-with-Benefits Sex –
It’s almost every man’s common desire to hook up with someone whom he knows for a long time. This kind of sex is widely known as ‘friends-with-benefits’ make out. Friends-with-benefits sex is unique and different from any other conventional sexes. There are friendly understandings and a tad novelty involved in this sex.

BDSM Sex –
BDSM or bondage sex is something that almost all the men want to dabble in. BDSM is considered to be the world’s top-most sexual kinks. There is a certain sense of pleasure involved in restraints, role-plays, and domination, which excites almost every man on this planet. The pleasure of bondage sex reaches another height when certain instruments like paddles, hand-cuff, whips, etc. are inculcated in the act.

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