Did Evil Die That Day? 


One of the two major Sanskrit Epics, Ramayana narrates to the world the mythological existence of Lord Rama his kingdom  also Ramayana gave to our world its so called villain. Vijayadashmi, a day that commemorates the end of evil with Lord Rama shooting Raavana with an arrow straight in his heart.  Did Evil  Die That Day?

Did Evil Die That Day? 

As far as Ramayana is  concerned, Raavana was considered to be the most atrocious man alive but was it so ? The context of the epic has also brought forward his hysterically heroic side. A profound devotee of Lord Shiva, one of the greatest scholars, an efficient ruler, an expert among the warriors and a maestro among musicians. Yet we burn him every year but my question is does he even deserve that?

Burning those hundreds thousands statues every year just to prove good won over bad some mythological years back, Why do we even do that?Did he even deserve that?A person who respected women like no other men do today is being honoured in such a way. Yes you read that right, though Ravanna kidnaped Sita, he never disrespected her. The major point among all is that he never touched Sita against her will. He left the ultimate decision in the hands of the woman he wanted to marry. To your surprise people, this not so villainous man understood consent which is not very clear to today’s men.

Did Evil Die That Day? 

Asia’s most powerful emperor was a devout follower of Lord Shiva. He was considered as the most revered devotee of Shiva.  Ravaan was a god incarnation and is said to be the great grand son of Brahma -The Creator.

Since Ravan was one of the most learned scholars to have ever lived,It is said that Lord  Ram asked his brother Lakshman to sit beside the dying demon-king and learn from him important lessons in statecraft and diplomacy

Accept that little Ravanna you have in you. Chanel it out into something positive. Adore your dark side. Those deep dark truths that hurt spill them all out. Those shadowy deeds that we have all done let’s accept them all and pledge to inculcate a  better self.

This festive season don’t burn a Pataka, Be one Yourself <3


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