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Deep Caur, Weaving Dreams To Reality

Deep Caur

Style speaks before you actually do the talking, fashion is what makes  style count. The woman you are going to read about has a fervor for fashion, weaving dreams to reality here is Deep Caur

Favourite part of being a fashion designer

Sketching is my favourite part of designing. Then seeing my designs coming to life, that evolution of a sketch to a garment is something I yearn for.

How did you realise that you wanted to enter into the world of fashion ?

Since my childhood I had a creative side to my personality which wowed me towards designing . As I have spent my childhood with my grandmother she taught me a lot about the beauty of traditional things. She used to knit Crochet, her handmade phulkari bags, her kantha embroidery bed sheets were the designs which I admired the most . With time I realised my passion for designing . Then after completing my school I joined INIFD a fashion school in Chandigarh . I took a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing and to enhance more of my skills, I even did MBA in design management . I owe it to my grandmother for being my light bearer.

What inspires your designs?

If you ask me inspiration is all about being an admirer of art be it any form, Inspiration comes in a different ways to each one of us. I often get inspired by color themes, traditional heritage. It could be from someones outfits, decor store, mixture of colours or textures just leave me mesmerized. This  sparks my ideas and sometimes when I see a fabric or some florals and some laces immediately I create design in my mind.

What is your greatest extravagance ?

I love to explore and that only happens if I give my time to my myself. Its my greatest extravagance.

Please tell us about your brand ?

Before starting my own brand I worked as an assistant merchandiser in n export house in new delhi . This job inspired me so much that I started dreaming of my own brand . My job actually help me built a basic framework to work on for my brand. So finally I gave up my job and started working on my own brand in 2010 . The most challenging part was pooling in finances and my mother helped me with her lifelong savings.  I worked on my collection and organized my first ever exhibition.

Deep Caur

I introduced hand painted phulkari baghs embellished with handwork. A journey is never easy, standing up against all odds is what counts in the end. I didn’t even have work space back then. But eventually pieces started to fit in and things made sense, here we are DEEP CAUR is an established brand now.

My first ever online order was from US California girl. That was a great start  and since then my work is online globally. I  have never dreamt of any store . I just have a dreams for my own workshop where me and we can just put heart and out and work efficiently on all the designs that we do.  My passion for my work completes me . I don’t have thousands and millions of followers, I just have in hundreds and these hundreds that gave me lot of courage to do my work with a honesty and designing for my clients . In my brand we  cater to all sorts of designer clothes , including indo western outfits and bridal wear .

What is a perfect evening for you ?

Somewhere alone snuggling with nature .

What is the trait that you deplore in other people ?

I don’t like analytical kind of people who always find a reason to complain . Disloyalty is something which I would never appreciate .

What is your most treasured possession ?

Phulkari bagh which my grandmother use to make are my pride possessions. The most valued things of my life.It’s more of a family heirloom.

Deep Caur

Who , according to you , are the best dressed people globally ?

Kareena Kapoor Khan is someone whom I would grade the best dressed person globally .

What was the most defining moment of your career ?

I got chance to design outfits for bride and her whole clan in 2012 . The collection was full of bridal wear, which included bridal lehenga , bridesmaids dresses , brides mothers dress and her aunts . That day I got so much love and appreciation through words for my work. Which actually enlightened me. It gave me a boost and I started working on bridal trousseaus . This generated lot of confidence in me which was a turning point in my career.

What is fashion for you ?

Fashion to me is my identity .It externalizes your personality and allows you to mold into how you want the world to see you .

If you were a new addition to a crayon box what colour would you be ?

It would be any colour that gets along with other colours in the box. For me each colour is special in their own way . Realising the value of teen work .

Bridal wear or street style?

Bridal wear .

Favourite Indian embroidery or handicraft

Phulkari ,  Lucknowi Chikankari  and  Zardosi.


Sedulous & Ardent, Harbhajan Kaur- Every sunrise is a new chapter added in her life!

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