Dear Society

Dear Society

Dear  Society,

Babe are’nt you too skiny for this dress? Honey curves are okay but don’t you think you are quite overweight? Isn’t this colour too bright for your skin? 20 years and I am still trying to figure out the rationale we Indians have for beauty. It’s not just me most of us are caught up trying to match those vague beauty standards.

Dear Society

Have you ever been to say an industry, a  manufacturing unit, the one that “Lables” a product before it is finally sold. That’s exactly how it feels to be jabbed at for not being perfect. We feel labeled ! Labeled for being dark, short, too lean or bulky.

Beauty does not come in any shape or size is a quite old quote which we still refuse to abide by. The society setting up vague beauty standards is nothing new well its 2019 and Comparing women to objects is that what we take pride in.

Dear Society

The way we dress, work,party or pretty much do anything is none of anyone’s business. I understand the fact that its too much for you too see a women being successful.

Here is a piece of advice, we women are independent enough to earn for ourselves, dress well, eat and drink well also carry ourselves in the most flawless way possible and we do not really need the unnecessary Labeling. Rather I would suggest please save your time because even if you don’t stop commenting I do not really care, we do not really care.  The show goes on and on!!

We will continue to steal the shows, rock the meetings, be excellent in each and every way.

Not Much Thanking You

Every Indian Woman!


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