Curly Hair Care, Get Your Curls Right


Those beautiful locks falling from your shoulder look adorable is what most of the curly hair girls get to hear. But the harder part is how to manage these beauties. The trickiest one is  not making them look frizzy.

Curly Hair

Here are some cool curly hair tips.

  1. The pro tip when maintaining curls is deep conditioning. The shampoo and conditioners you choose should be nourishing.Use sufficient amount of conditioner post washing to keep  your hair smooth and it also helps while detangling.
  2. Prefer using sulfate free products.Sulfate is very harsh on curls lifting the cuticle leaving the hair very dry and frizzy.The texture of your hair is affected by your daily hair routine and the products you use.Curly Hair
  3. Try washing your hair with just a conditioner once a week too avoid  that unwanted fluff.Do not wash off all the conditioner from your hair let some residuals be there and work on the moisture levels.
  4. While detangling curls,your fingers are your best friend. Use your fingers to comb through the knots. Be gentle and start with the ends going to the roots slowly.Curly Hair

5. Do not use a hairbrush prefer using a wide toothed  comb. The comb doesn’t distort your curls. Also the breakage amount is reduced.

6. Just like our body needs pre workout, so do our hair. Heat from working makes your hair rug so s a precaution deep condition your hair before hitting the gym. It locks the moisture and the next time you wash your hair your locks will be super soft.

Curly Hair


7. Hair dryers are not really a curly hair thing. Blow drying might lead to heat damage, moisture loss, cuticle damage and they also cause breakage.

8. Pat your hair dry with a teeshirt rather than a towel. A towel dries the hair to an unwanted extent leaving it dry.


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