Chicken Shawarma Recipe By Chef Vikas Chawla


Chicken Shawarma is a Middle Eastern street food and one of the World’s most popular dish. The preparation starts with well-marinated chicken, layered on a vertical rotisserie and slow-roasted for hours until perfectly tender. To serve it, a thin layer of shawarma is trimmed off the rotating meat stack. It is then served in many ways like keeping it on hummus, piled up into a pita bread with tahini and pickles or as a starter on salad leaves.

Chicken ShawarmaI’ve found an easy way to make it in simple pan or non-stick pan with the same authentic flavors. Just a handful of every day spices makes an exciting Chicken Shawarma marinade that infuses the chicken with exotic Middle Eastern flavors.The smell when this is cooking is incredible !


Boneless Chicken Thigh 150 gms

Garlic Juice   2 Tea Spoon

Paprika Powder  1/2 Tea Spoon

Turmeric  1/3 Tea Spoon

Cumin Powder   1/2 Tea Spoon

Salt    1/3 Tea Spoon

Cinnamon Powder   1 Tea Spoon

Olive Oil  2 Tea Spoons

Curd   2 Tea Spoons

Sumac Powder   To Sprinkle on Chicken (Optional)


Wash and clean the boneless chicken thigh pieces. Peel and finely crush 5-6 garlic cloves in a mortar & pestle, add 2-3 teaspoons of water, mix well and strain through a fine strainer to get water out of it.


  • Place the thigh pieces in a clean, deep bowl.
  • Drop garlic juice with a spoon and mix well with thigh pieces.
  • Now sprinkle all the powdered spices like salt, paprika powder, cumin powder, turmeric, cinnamon powder and apply on  pieces to coat well.
  • Finally add curd and olive oil, gently massage the chicken to ensure all sides are coated.
  • Now cover the bowl and keep it in refrigerator to marinate for atleast two hours.
  • After the marination period is over, heat the pan on medium high heat.
  • Drizzle little oil on pan (It takes very less oil if you cook on non-stick pan).
  • Place the marinated thigh pieces and let them cook for at least 3 minutes on this side.
  • After 3 minutes, flip the chicken on other side with a tong and cook this side again for 3 minutes approximately.
  • If you feel chicken is not fully cooked then turn again the previous cooked side down and cook for another 1-2 minutes. Repeat same for another side.

Turn off flame and take out the chicken pieces on any plate to rest it for 4-5 minutes. (When you take chicken out of the pan, the moisture inside still needs some time to redistribute back through the meat. If you cut into it right away, the liquid will actually come out and your chicken may end up very dry. By letting it rest, the moisture is re-absorbed and your meat will be tender and juicy)

After 5 minutes, cut the chicken into strips very gently or serve as it is on the top of hummus.

  1. Chicken shawarma can be enjoyed by filling it in pita bread’s pocket or by folding bread same like taco shape, with a layer of hummus and lemony onions. Soft and small chapatti is also a good alternate for pita, made with whole wheat flour or any other flour of your choice.
  2. It can be enjoyed hot by spreading onto a leafy salad made with ice berg or any other lettuce.
  3. It can be rolled in Labanese flat bread, tortilla or in multigrain chapatti. Spread good amount of hummus on chapatti or bread, place chicken strips in the centre and evenly spread onions, lettuce, Lebanese pickle on chicken. Drizzle some tahini sauce, yogurt and fresh mint leaves. Now roll it, cut from centre and enjoy the blast of flavors.


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