Celebrate Mother’s Day In Quarantine

Celebrate Mother's Day In Quarantine

How selfish have we been, we just spare one day to celebrate the women who have showered their lives on us. Nevertheless let us at least spend mother’s day in a way our queens deserve. Here are a few ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day In Quarantine.

Old Memories

It would have been great if we could relive a moment. Thank God for the pictures that take you down the memory lane. It’s time to take out those albums stacked in dusty corers. The old memory cards and DVD players for a little mod generation. Don’t get me wrong the basic idea is to relive your childhood memories.

Choose and display your old pictures in a beautiful way is you are someone who loves decor. Create a custom album of your favourite pictures. If not that, just sit with your mama and see that smile widden. You can even play an old video, may be a clip from your toddler days or a family function anything works.

Netflix Date

Have a fancy your movie night of  your own. What if the multiplex is closed down you can plan up things at home. Prep your room well. Put up some fairy lights, stack up your favourite snacks and some fine wine. Enjoy quality time with your mom. Netflix has a mother’s day special watchlist. If you want some cool suggestions here are 5 of them

  • Bad Moms
  • The Sky Is Pink
  •  Mother’ Day
  •  Wine Country
  •  Dumplin


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Is it even a movie date with your mom if she doesn’t have strong opinions on every decision the characters make?

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Pamper Your Mommy Dearest

Do all the chores, we are aiming at impressing the queen of the house here. The work has to be done neatly and efficiently though. Let her have a proper rest and in the meantime you can finish off all the housework. So that by the time she gets up you are free to her service.

You can give  her a proper salon service at home. If not proper at least somewhere near to that. If you are well acquainted with home remedies you don’t require much of an advice. But for the amateurs the easiest one is to give her a hair spa or just a pedicure session. Those are pretty easy and you will find many beauty vlogs on how to do that.


Eat Treat

All our lives our momies have prepared delicacies for us. For a change you can take up the dinner responsibility. For the ones who are good at cooking great. But guys if you do not know how to cook please do not end up burning your kitchens. A simple lemonade  or just a bowl of maggi is an equally sweet gesture.

Celebrate Mother's Day In Quarantine

Fam Jam

The quarantine has actually made us realise how underrated video calls were. Video calls are actually the most authentic connection of this virtual world. So why not arrange a full on fam jam and get grooving with your folks. Celebrate mother’s day with all the women who have played a role in your life. Be it your Grandma’s, aunts whoever. Just get them all together.

Celebrate Mother's Day In Quarantine

Wishing all the superwomen a very Happy Mother’s Day !!

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