Relationships & Consent

What does being in a relationship feel like? Love, relations, marriages  all  give a meaning to your life. But what if the quest ...

World’s Strongest Liquors

World’s strongest liquors for the strongest livers have them at your own risk! Spirytus Made in : Poland Proof :192 (96%  Alcohol) This ...

Did Evil Die That Day? 

One of the two major Sanskrit Epics, Ramayana narrates to the world the mythological existence of Lord Rama his kingdom  also Ramayana gave ...
Dear Society

Dear Society

Dear  Society, Babe are’nt you too skiny for this dress? Honey curves are okay but don’t you think you are quite overweight? Isn’t ...

What Is love

What is Love,  For me, a 15 year old what could love be, Just sneaking out with a guy (say X )  and ...

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