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Boosting Immunity to fight COVID 19

Boosting Immunity to fight COVID 19

“Immunity is not a one-dimensional concept. Immunity can not be built only by focussing on diet. It is a two-fold concept which includes diet as well as lifestyle”, says Lavleen Kaur. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way in making your diet effective. Let us look at what she has to say on Boosting Immunity to fight COVID 19.

Having a wholesome diet is an extraordinarily strong factor in determining the strength of your immunity, so here are a few pointers.

Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin C is known as an immunity booster. It helps white blood cells to function smoothly. Good functioning of white blood cells strengthens immunity. The mineral which works as a first line of defence for human body is zinc.  Nuts and seeds are a wonderful source of zinc. It is also present in milk and dairy foods, vegetables like mushrooms, spinach and garlic, meat and poultry and seafood.

Boosting Immunity to fight COVID 19

Herbs and spices:

“Indian Kitchen is a complete pharmacy in itself”, says Lavleen. Turmeric has curcumin in it, which has anti-viral properties. The incredibly famous, black pepper has Piperine which is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.Ginger root is helpful in decreasing inflammation. Other beneficial spices present in every Indian kitchen are cinnamon, star anise, cloves and green cardamom. Make the most of these underrated spices.

Indian spices

Fermented foods:

Since gut health is the boss of all other bodily functions, it becomes particularly important to take care of it. One food group which keeps the gut health top notch is, fermented foods. Food items like curd, cottage cheese (paneer), pickles, buttermilk, kaanji, dhokla ,idli, appam, uttapam etc, all are fermented foods!

Dhokla Recipe

Healthy fats:

Including essential fatty acids in your diet raise the level of immunity . They increase the count of white blood cells in bod. Nuts and seeds like walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds etc are rich in healthy fat. Another thing unique to Indian cuisine is the use of desi ghee. It improves immunity, and has multiple other benefits .

Instant Pot Ghee | How to make Ghee from Butter? » Foodies Terminal

Herbal Tea (special recipe)

Here is a herbal tea which includes all the natural immunity booster ingredients

Ginger/Dried Ginger Powder                      1inch/1tsp

Cinnamon stick                                                 1

Tulsi (fresh)                                                        4-5 leaves

Pepper corns                                                     3

Crushed elaichi                                                 2

Crushed garlic (optional)                               1-2 cloves

Fennel seeds                                                     1/4th tsp

Ajwain (carrom seeds)                                  A pinch

Jeera (cumin seeds)                                       1/4th tsp

Boil the above ingredients in mug full of water for 10 minutes. Strain, and sip warm.

Let us now turn our attention to the other aspect, of having a healthy lifestyle.

Breathing exercises

Effective breathing has many positive effects on human body and its immune system. Low blood pressure levels, low cortisol levels, improved blood flow are a few among the many benefits. None of these benefits is a quick fix, but together, these build up a great immune system . An improved oxygen supply in our system boosts quick cell regeneration, which  helps in quicker immune response.

Exercise routine:

Regular exercise routine and an active lifestyle help maintain a healthy immune system. Regular exercise flushes out bacteria out of lungs and airways, helping body prevent mild flus, cold, etc. You can opt for floor exercises, walking, skipping or Yoga. The point is to remain active.

Sleep & Stress

Research says that people who do not get quality sleep are more likely to fall sick after an exposure to any virus, and so do the people who do not get enough sleep. Sleep is a natural remedy, when body repairs itself, and gets it ready for the next day. When the body does not get proper sleep, it is unable to repair itself, and prepare for the next day. This makes it susceptible to even minor illness. When you are under immense stress, the immunity goes downhill, and you are certain to catch a disease, even if it is minor. Stress has a negative effect on every aspect of a human body.


Following all the above would lead to an effective immune system, which would be helpful in dealing with many diseases naturally. A combination of a good diet and a good lifestyle would build up a strong immune system which would help everyone in boosting Immunity to fight COVID 19.



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