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Being Beauticious With Guneet Virdi


They say you can do it all with a little coffee and mascara and right here redefining that is our celebrity MUA Guneet Virdi. A big name in the MUA industry, Guneet is setting standards  par excellence. Here is a candid conversation with India’s One of the best Make UP Artists – Guneet Virdi.

Your Inspiration

My inspiration I would say has been the zeal that I had to do something in the feild of makeup.Since I was I child, I was very passionate about makeup, creating looks. When I started I did free makeup’s for many f my friends and then I got into doing Make-up tutorials. So all of that has gotten along very nicely and here I am.

Beauty Regime

I do not follow a beauty regime as such. I feel you are  beautiful just the way you are.Beauty is all about grace and confidence and I adore what nature has given me.

Proudest Moment

I have been working as a makeup artist for long now and the most rewarding thing about it is that people recognize my work. Varied makeup looks that I have created have been adored by people. I feel proud when people come upto me and get their pictures clicked.

Delhi Darlings

The excitement of being featured on national TV was next level. It was an entirely different concept and covers more of a kitty party theme which is not really my thing so I just had to quit the show.

Guneet Virdi special

Guneet Virdi special  I would say is the winged liner and the glittery eyes.That is why Brides come to me.


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Cut-crease bridal look❤️

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Guneet’s Fashion

I absolutely love experimenting. Fashion to me is whatever feels comfortable and gives you a bit of that edgy look.

Being Beauticious With Guneet Virdi

If you were allowed to take 5 make up products to work with you what would they be?



Coloured Contact Lenses


My Angular Brush

One product You do No leave the house without using – Lip Gloss

Your Favorite Celebrity Makeup Look

Deepika is my favourite when it comes to celebrity makeup looks. She plays pretty safe wearing more of nude make up.

Your favourite Cosmetic Brand

I am a HUDA fan , so HUDA Beauty for sure.

A Celebrity Client you want to work with in future

Without a doubt Deepika Padukone

Smokey Eyes OR Nude Look –  Nude Look

Ethnic OR Western – Western

Heels OR Flats – Flats

Instagram OR TikTok – Instagram

Delhi OR Overseas – Overseas for travelling and Delhi for my work

The priciest Thing you have ever splurged your money on –  Diamonds!

A piece of advice for aspiring Make Up Artists

The only thing I would say is to keep calm and stay very focused. It is a very passionate job and might take years to get you recognition. At times things won’t work it but the key is just be serous and keep on going.

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