Being A Man In The 21st Century


For decades we have all discussed what it is like to be a woman and the patriarchal police has sort of let the men and their sensitive hearts hideout. It’s high time we talk! What is is like being a man of the 21st century?

The part where our society has been struggling is maintaining an equal status of existence for all the genders. Well at least we have achieved something big after the regulation of act 377.Over all these years, we have not been able to create a neutral base. As a society , the preset norms that we imbibe into our coming generations are you are meant to be weak since you are a girl and be rock strong if you are a guy.

Man and woman are two beautiful creations of nature and the  difference is way more beautiful.We always talk of women being harassed, dominated and ultimately let down. Men also face all sorts of disheartening comments, problems at work, financial crisis and emotional stress. Just because you are guy does not make you eligible to be born with all the solutions in your head.

The struggle is equally hard and we need to respect that. Stereotyping all sorts of work is what we have been doing for ages. It’s time we change. We need to normalise the way men live. Ayushmann Khurrana has made a beautiful effort in telling us What is like being a man in the 21st century. Sharing something worth watching !


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‪This coming International Men’s Day let’s find out with me and @themancompany ‬ ‪#themancompany #gentlemaninyou

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