Beer Vs Coffee, What’s your choice?


A stimulus to your party mood is the pint of your favourite beer and coffee pioneering  work vibes  are these two even comparable well in some aspects, Yess!!  Beer, the world’s third most consumed beverage after water and tea versus coffee, the fourth one on the same list lets know how. Beer Vs Coffee, What’s your choice?

Beer Vs Coffee

Beer Vs Coffee

Believe it or not, coffee and beer can form a great team if you’re trying to get through a project. Beer improves your creativity, while coffee keeps you alert and ready to carry out the ideas you had while drinking.

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Beer frees you, opening you to a whole lot of new ideas, leaving you ore creative after just one pint. Whereas coffee is an energy source, keeping you attentive and focused on a particular job.

Beer Vs Coffee

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Drinking a couple of beers will make you dizzy, unfocused and you might also have a faded memory of events. Whereas drinking too much coffee initiates a  caffeine tolerance in our body. The body is not satisfied by the same amount as it used to be before, hence increasing the  consumption amount.

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Much like wine beer also reduces the risk of  heart diseases plus increases the intensity of good cholesterol  levels in the body. Coffee‘s health benefits can be ranged from lowering the risk of diabetes to reduced liver diseases.

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Go in for a combination of both, beer gets you thinking and coffee will help you execute it. Once you have a basic idea, your creative work is done and when its time for the  execution coffee does its part and You do wonders!



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