Athleisure: 5 Ways To Style Active Wear In Daily Routine


Athleisure a term most of us are unaware of refers to a broad range of apparel meant for sports sessions, leisure time or booth. In terms of fashion, it’s a trend in which active wear clothing is styled in a way that it can be work in other settings like to work, college or some other casual getaways. Active wear is making its way not just into the gym but also routine wear clothing; it might also threaten the future existence of jeans!!

Benefits of Athleisure

  • Active wear is way more soft, comfortable and breathable as compared to routine wear clothes. It improves the range of movement giving the wearer a perfect combination of stretch and comfort.
  • Firm support provided by active wear can match no other apparel line. Be it while exercising or daily routine. A nice fitting sports bra
  • Active wear helps in improving blood circulation in the body of the wearer. Made of technical fibres, compression clothing stimulates blood flow and reduces lactic acid build up.
  • Sports apparel is said to reduce the micro damage caused to the muscles, it helps to prevent or alleviate the injuries that might occur due to unusual body movements.
  • Being less prone to wear and tear, active wear is a pocket friendly solution.
  • Sportswear has the best sweat wicking capacity, which leaves you feeling fresh and more comfortable.

5 ways to style Active Wear in Daily Routine


The most versatile gym wear garment is a stretchy pair of leggings. It can be worn with almost anything and everything. You can keep it classy wearing a statement black legging with a nice loose knit sweater or even an oversize shrug would do. For a more casual look you can team it up with a nice loose sweatshirt and a denim jacket.

Tank Tops

Tank tops can be pulled off in the most stylish way possible. Go for an unbuttoned shirt, a kimono, a cardigan, a blazer whatever you feel like. You cannot go wrong while styling a tank top because of its flexible nature; just make sure to pick the right colours while creating a whole look.


Athletic mesh jackets can be combined with varied options to get an altogether different look. Net jackets can be worn with a lace brallete giving it a surprisingly chic look. Sequin also goes well with net jackets, a blingy tank top would do justice to a neutral colour see through jacket.


The most sporty and comfortable garment from athleisure line of clothing is a nice fitting shorts. Shorts can be worn with tank tops, crop-tops, or even bralettes. If you want to experiment a little more you can also wear it with a shirt.


Track Suits

Do not hesitate to pull out a track suit for your routine day. Instead style it with a nice chunky pair of sneakers and a chic hairdo, accessorize a bit to give the overall glam element to the whole ensemble. If not the whole suit, go in for a  loose fitted sweatshirt, team it up with a nice pair of mom jeans and you are ready to go!!



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