Ashita Vohra meet the change maker


‘She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from the divine.’

She is Ashita Vohra, a 17 year old writer, born and raised in a small town of Punjab. She loves to read books of different genres and have read quite a variety of them. She shares her ideas and thoughts through her instagram blog ‘ateenishteen’.

Also being a cynophilist, she runs an online fundraiser to help feed the stray dogs in her vicinity and has been successful in raising upto 50,000 INR for their up keep, that have now become a family to her, a family that grows continuously.

She has also worked with Parwaaz (NGO) and the RobinHood Society, both aiming at the upliftment of the society. Her mother has always inspired her to be positive and to spread that positivity bequeathed wherever she goes. For her, life is a box full of wonderful surprises and magic.

Her ultimate goal in life is to see the world where everyone is happy around her.

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  1. Proud of you girl, go follow your dreams.

  2. Lovely girl with lovely introduction. Maa remains proud of u.

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