Anglo Indian Cuisine, A Long Lost Indian Treasure

A very delicious after effect  of British Raj in India is the Anglo Indian cuisine. Amalgamation of British cuisine,Indian techniques and spices gave birth to this treasure. Bridget White Kumar tells us more about the same.
Anglo Indian Cuisine
How do you connect to Anglo Indian Cuisine?
I am an Anglo-Indian by birth and hence belong to the  Community. I am there fore connected to Anglo-Indian Cuisine from my birth. I grew up on Anglo-Indian dishes and I still continue to cook them.
Anglo Indian Cuisine
Did Anglo Indian Cuisine have an impact on Indian culture too? Which countries have been influenced by the same?
Anglo-Indian food is probably, one of the first fusion foods in India. It took a lot of experimenting and innovating during the British Raj to what it is today. So in a way it did have an impact on Indian Culture as well. It is a legacy of all the foreign invasions in India and each country has left its mark on Anglo-Indian Cuisine. Britain, Scotland, Portugal, France are some countries which left their mart as well as took some of the new cuisine back with them.
Anglo Indian Cuisine
What all dishes does Anglo Indian food mainly comprise of?
This cuisine comprises of both Veg and Non- Veg dishes. It covers all meats, seafood, poultry, etc. In addition to a wide variety of sweets and savouries.
What does this long forgotten treasure of our nation’s culture represent?
It is a treasure no doubt but it is not yet forgotten as it is cooked every day in every Anglo-Indian Home by the Community. However, some old dishes that were cooked by the older generation may not be prepared so frequently.
Anglo Indian Cuisine

Five tips for our readers about how to enjoy Anglo Indian Cuisine and what all food combinations would you suggest?

Typical Anglo-Indian Combinations
1. Saffron Coconut Rice, Mince Ball Curry, Devil Chutney
2. Steamed White Rice, Pepper Water, Fried Fish and Beans Foogath
3. Simple Palau Rice, Country Captain Chicken, Cabbage Foogath. and Mutton Cutlets
4. White Steamed Rice, Doll Curry (Dhal Curry) , Meat Pepper Fry and Cauliflower Foogath
5. Coconut Rice, Pork Vindaloo, Devil Chutney and Mixed vegetable Foogath

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