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An Insight To Wildlife Photographer Randeep Singh’s World


Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is and wildlife  photography brings to us the best of nature. Here is a conversation with Renowned wildlife photographer Randeep Singh.

wildlife photographer

How did you enter wildlife photography?

It all started back in 2007 when I started landscape photography. I used to  Trek a lot, go for camping and off roading just because i wanted to stay connected to nature. This love for nature kind of forced me to buy a camera. Then in the year 2009 I started with wildlife photography as a passion. In the year 2014 I started working as a professional wildlife photographer.

wildlife photographer

Lioness flipped over by another Lioness and the cub is trying to keep away from them

What makes a good picture stand out?

It’s all about your perception. A shot can be good for thousand’s of  people but might not please me and the one which is not good according to thousands of people might please me. Since I am into wildlife photography so any picture that depicts a moment and shows the landscape equally according  to me is a good picture.

wildlife photographer

Green Headed Tanager

How would you describe  your style of photography?

My style is something very simple as well as special.The only theme I try to work on is clicking a picture which contributes in conserving wildlife. I do not just click anything, I prefer waiting for some time and then try to capture  my object in some sort of action.

wildlife photographer

Andean Cock of the Rock

The most rewarding part about your job

The most rewarding part of being a wildlife photographer I would say is that I get to stay close to the nature.Staying connected to roots soothes you.Since I am into wildlife photography I get to spend most of my time very close to nature.

Three Headed Cheetah (3 cheetahs in actual)

Your Inspiration

I have been very influenced by the works of wildlife photojournalist  Tim Laman. He is the one who has actually inspired me to go for bird photography and now surprisingly I am mainly into bird photography.

Sword Billed Hummingbird

How do you capture such splendid moments ?

A major part which people do not really know about photography is that we need to study the subject. Suppose I am going to click a bird so I read about it beforehand. It is a pro-tip to be well acquainted with the kind of behavior the bird executes so that you know when to capture that magical moment you want. Back-grounding & research is very important I  wait & watch before I click.

Collared Inca

Tell us about the best experience you have had while travelling?

When I went to Madagascar, I got a chance to go very close to Lemurs.The were pretty close nearly one or two feet away and the funniest part about the whole moment was my camera was out of focus and I couldn’t click a picture.

Sapphire Vented Puffleg Hummingbird

Favorite spot for camping

Kalatop wildlife century, its one of the best places I have ever seen.

Tungnath in Triund is also a  beautiful place.

wildlife photographer

Randeep with his eleven year old son Arshdeep

Lifetime Memory

Ladakh is the most beautiful place I have ever been to and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.This was back in the January,2013 when I had camped for a eight nights at the Hemis National Park.Its one of the toughest treks I have ever done. I went there to click the Snow Leopard but wasn’t favorable enough to find one.

Greatest Achievement

My greatest achievement has been way that my family stood by me.They have always been my support system and they way they have always welcomed my decisions is pretty overwhelming.

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