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An Epitome Of Grace & An Apotheotic Artist Manjot Nagi


They say strong women stand up for themselves, but stronger women stand up for other women. Well the woman you are going to read about is an epitome of grace and an apotheotic artist. ANJO JEWELLERY is a brand that speaks for itself and more than that it is the glorified vision of Manjot Nagi that brought it to life. 

What led you in the entrepreneurial direction?

They say ambitions lead your way. I have always wanted to work on my own, take risks, create things and go in for it with everything. That fervor to hustle just kind of gave me that extra nudge. We are a family of jewellers and it’s an honour to be able carry on that legacy. The artist in me and the zeal to excel is what brought ANJO JEWELLERY to life.

Manjot Nagi

How have your roots influenced you?

Roots make a person. I have been fortunate enough to be guided by my family. I have ameliorated with My father’s Passion towards his work and his understanding. Seeing my father carrying his company’s day to day operations let me process my own essence and that minimalist yet classic feel to this line of jewellery.As I completed my PGDM from IILM, New Delhi all I used to talk about was business, if not that, I ll say my perspective was that of a businesswoman. Somewhere or other I always looked at  myself as a bold businesswoman who just had to step up and slay her game.

How was Anjo Jewellery Born?

So diamonds as they say are a girl’s best friend but for me diamonds are way more than that. Being a woman, you just keep haggling with things purely out of love, love for your family, love for your kids,love for your friends,but where does that love go when its your turn?

Women should be able to love themselves just as much they love everyone, may be a little more. ANJO is a name within a name. It means angel considering however bold and powerful a woman can portray herself but deep inside she has that angelic aura where she wants to fight against the world and fly. Not everyone can lower down her walls, some have fear.
Thus, this brand is for fearless woman.

ANJO Jewellery is a brand by a woman for strong and inspiring women.- Manjot Nagi

What is a perfect evening for you?

For me my perfect evening would be the sunset, music and quite ecstasy.
I believe in cherishing every moment given to me good or bad and being considerate of having a positive set of mind.

What all hurdles came your way and what was the detrimental factor that kept you going?

There is no perfect time to see if the situation is right to start what you love, all a person needs is passion and courage. My family had been very supportive in terms of business. The only hurdle at this point of time I see is the covid pandemic which has practically brought businesses to an economic crunch. Fashion is on a wait, people will want to go more sustainable while they invest in jewellery.Manjot Nagi

Being a jewellery designer what all materials do you like working with? Which one is your favourite ?

Being a jewellery designer diamonds are indeed my favourite stone. Be it any kind and shape apart from them  I would say pearls. Pearls give you a very royal outlook. Mother of pearl, freshwater pearls and south sea pearls are some of my favourites.

What is the inspiration behind your work?

My brand is inspired by bold women who are selfless and powerful. ANJO is a brand by a woman for strong and inspiring women. More than that I want to connect with them in terms of the designs that are absolutely timeless. I believe in creating classics, statement jewellery pretty much everything we make speaks of refinement.

What is your personal style when we talk of jewellery?

Speaking of my style, my favourites are marquise diamonds with precious gemstones earrings or bold necklaces like the serpent or pearl hangings.

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Ruby is a lyric of romance and desire. Diamonds and rubies sync together for protection and natural passion. Today’s women preserve security and sensibility of love and romance. For them it a devotion of self worth. This piece of jewellery are dedicated for those women who believe in self worth. Muse @riyasinghchhabra Styling and creative direction @styledbykaur_ Couture @studiohimaniarora Photography @paran_singh_photography Mua @makeupandhairbypranati ANJO #anjo #luxurylife #luxury #jewellery #rubies #diamond #luxuryliving #highclass #highsociety #anjojewellery #luxuryfashion #luxurydesign #women #europeanart #luxurybrand #bold #powerfulwomen #selfworth #luxurywedding #diamondjewellery #genx #selflesslove #earring #necklace #royal #royalty feminist #luxuryjewelry #luxurylifestylemagazine #femininity

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How much time and effort goes into designing a peice and actually bringing it to life?

Every piece indulges into its own time value, from 3 months to 6 months are minimum time duration any statement piece would take. Designing depends on the level of creativity and uniqueness while the whole process of getting it made from a craftsman and then finishing it, takes time.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

I am a bold, observant and considerate person. Meticulous and social by nature.

What do designs speak of Manjot Nagi?

Every design is in vogue and lyrics of its own romance. Any peice curated by us has its own charm.

Manjot Nagi

An unforgettable moment?

I cannot forget the first day of launch of the brand anjo, Its my pride and my brand speaks for itself.

How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewelry?

I want every woman to feel powerful and beautiful with anjo’s jewellery. They must spark their zeal of empowerment and feel loved.

An epitome of grace and an apotheotic artist Manjot Nagi is a force to reckon with. ANJO JEWELLERY is a brand that speaks for itself and more than that it’s her glorified vision that brought Anjo to life. We wish this Boss Woman slays every damn day!


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