A very delicious and traditional dish of Punjab made with pure desi ghee (clarified butter), altered flours, seeds and nuts. It is usually consumed in winters. Pinnis are prepared with eternal love and distributed among relatives, friends and also an important part of many celebrations.


Cow’s Ghee –   90 gms

Gehun Atta (Whole Wheat Flour) –   100 gms

Makhana (Fox Nuts) –   5 gms

Alsi (Flax Seeds) –   20 gms

Badaam (Almonds) –   25 gms

Gur (Jaggery) –   90 gms

  • Weigh all the ingredients.
  • Grind flax seeds in a blender to a coarse powder (not much fine).
  • Fine chop almonds or blend in a blender to get very tiny chunks of it.
  • Make small chunks of fox nuts in a grinder.
  • Now mix flax seeds powder, almond chunks and fox nuts chunks in a bowl and keep aside.
  • Fine chop jaggery with knife or a medium grater.
  • Heat the ghee in a kadahi on medium flame.
  • After the ghee is heated, reduce the flame to low.
  • Add atta and move continuously with a ladle or big spoon. (Approx. for 10 minutes or when almost 80 percent roasting of flour is done).

  • After 10 minutes of roasting, add the mixture of flax seeds powder, almonds and fox nuts chunks over the ghee & flour mixture and start mixing again with spoon.

  • Cook again for around 5 minutes to roast the nuts and seeds mixture (By cooking in this mixture, nuts will give a crunchy bite in the pinni).
  • After 5 minutes of cooking, turn off the flame.
  • Remove the mixture from gas and place on kitchen shelf over any wooden board or thick kitchen towel as the kadahi is very hot at this moment.
  • Finally add chopped jaggery into the mixture and move ladle for 2 minutes to mix the jaggery completely.

  • After 10 to 15 minutes, when the mixture is still bearable hot, make the balls with hands to give a round shape.


Try to get only Cow’s Ghee (Cow ghee is far healthier than Buffalo ghee).Try to get pure jaggery, without any reddish colour or extra crunch in it which comes with added sugar in it.
If you don’t want to roll it or make pinni then cool the same mixture as it is and you will get a perfect PANJIRI.
By using same quantity of besan instead of atta, you can make healthy besan laddu also with same recipe.
By removing flax seeds it can be eaten daily in summers also.
By increasing the quantity of material, cooking time will increase.

Chef Vikas Chawla

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