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Ali Xeeshan, Pakistan’s vanguard of vogue has broken all barriers to garner international acclaim.  Avant- Garde panache and old world charm find their perfect fusion in Ali Xeeshan’s opulent aesthetic.

The Ali Xeeshan bride is unique, quirky, confident and sashays a strong sense of self. She is headstrong and has a clear vision of what she wants. In choosing to be an Ali Xeeshan bride, she wants to make a statement by looking extravagant and sassy! She is traditional yet contemporary, regal yet chic but most importantly, beautiful inside out. So much of the designers signature style focuses on the right balance of traditional and contemporary, a true reflection of a modern woman’s persona. Exquisite craftsmanship, regal silhouettes and impeccable elegance bring just the right amount of drama to his every creation.

Styles that are truly unique and creations that boast an incredible richness contribute to Ali Xeeshan’s signature creations. His innate sense of impeccable aesthetics is evident in each carefully crafted garment. Having honed in his skills with tremendous dedication over the years sets Ali Xeeshan apart from all his contemporaries and has rightfully catapulted him to international fame.  With an Honors Degree in Couture from Pakistan School of Fashion Design, he has received a warm and welcoming response from the new age woman who is keen to explore her own sense of self through his eclectic range of bridal wear. Describing his design philosophy, he says, “I use conventional materials to create unorthodox aesthetics and a simple harmony between the traditional and the avant-garde.”

In a sharp contrast to the run of the mill bridal couture that was available in Pakistan, Ali Xeeshan’s bridal outfits bring with themselves a distinct contemporary edge and personality. With the immense recognition that he has received by the Pakistani fashion industry at large, Xeeshan has now forayed into wedding planning and choreography as well.

After receiving an award for the best couture collection from PSFD while he was still a student, Ali Xeehan has never let anyone pull him back from reaching for the sky. His bridal range has been received with laurels for 3 consecutive years since 2010, at PSFD L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week and Sunsilk Bridal Week. The rich cultural and ethnic background of Pakistan lends itself gracefully as the inspiration behind many of his designs. Even as a child, Ali Xeeshan would find himself engrossed in all of nature’s glory that surrounded him. Looking at birds, flowers, architectural aesthetics and Mughal elements kept him busy for hours on end, lost in his own fantasy world. It’s now wonder than that all of these elements have found their place in his designs. Farshi lehngas, heavy embellishment and use of antique accessories give the Ali Xeeshan brides a Mughal and traditional look. The myriad colours of Pakistan appear in his bridal range, choreography and the events that he creates. He has mastered creating a sense of drama and a larger than life persona in his creations, truly elevating the stature and culture of Pakistan to a higher level. With his incredibly stunning designs he has amazed  women around the globe. From Zara Gul’s wedding dress to Sara Shakeel’s wedding lehenga, he has never failed to show his unique masterful craftsmanship till date. “Designing is not just what I do. It’s my passion and I personally feel really obliged when a girl trusts me with her wedding outfit which is so personal and special to her. We as a team make sure to provide them with the best possible experience by not only creating an outfit with fabric and thread but with a string of love too”, says Ali Xeeshan.

Many of of Ali Xeeshan’s fashion shows have highlighted socially relevant issues related to women’s empowerment. As a creative artists with a voice that resonates with millions across the globe, he truly believes that it is his responsibility to try to bring about positive change in society. He launched his 2021 bridal couture collection called ‘Numaish’, recently. The theme for his collection revolved around raising awareness against the evil practice of dowry. “Shedding light on the epochal and alarming issue of families fretting over saving money for their daughters’ dowry (Jahez) instead of their education that is far more important. It’s time to put a stop to this overburdening tradition!,” wrote Xeeshan on his Instagram post, talking about Numaish.

Despite all the surmounting challenges Ali Xeeshan has faced, he has come out of all of them to truly establish himself as a global star. Coming from a business family, he was initially an outsider to the fashion world and had much to prove. Keeping an open mind and constantly evolving his design sensibility keeps his creative juices flowing. In the quest to achieve greater heights, Ali Xeeshan ensures he keeps reinventing himself at every step, putting in that little extra everytime.











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