5 Fun Themes To Redo Your Baby’s Nursery


Everything starting from the first cry to the first foot step of a baby is special, so why not the nursery! Here are 5 fun themes to redo your baby’s nursery.

Space Theme

To jazz up the whole galaxy effect goes in for this beautiful pace themed   bedroom. Adding dark curtains with a considerably bright print will do complete justice to theme. A science fiction theme is unisexual and this celestial touch makes it even more attractive. Space theme can be used for both a nursery as well as a toddler bedroom and can be easily DIY’d. A moon shaped cradle can also be placed to give that over the top effect to the whole set up.5 Fun Themes To Redo Your Baby’s Nursery.

Nautical theme

Nautical is basically anything related to navigation or ships overseas. A very neutral colour palate goes well with the theme, a boat shaped cot or bed does complete justice to the whole set up. To add the wao element use props like sceneries, anchor shaped pillows, lighthouse wallpapers. To add a personal touch, you can get initials of your baby’s name made into a nice nautical theme as the show stopping element.

5 Fun Themes To Redo Your Baby’s Nursery.

Air Balloon Theme

Airy as the very prop air balloon is this particular theme. Again a unisexual theme can be done for a nursery as well as a baby bedroom. A classic wooden cot placed amidst a bright and coloured ambience along with some themed merchandise like air balloon hangings and exotic print sheets will enhance the whole effect. Colours to bright attract the kids and are quite eye catching.

5 Fun Themes To Redo Your Baby’s Nursery.

Floral Fairy Tale Theme

Jazz up your baby girl’s room giving her all those pretty princess feels. Tones of white and pink with a bit of sparkle will compliment the whole arrangement. For starters a canopy bed or a baby cot with beautifully draped floral net will do. Dim lighting will add on to the ambience along with some really flowy curtains.

5 Fun Themes To Redo Your Baby’s Nursery.

Lightening McQueen

Lightening Mcqueen,an anthropomorphic stock car is the solution too an animated extravaganza. With a beautiful red colour, this theme will give a very eye catching effect to the nursery. Similar printed merchandise like some stuffed pillows, curtains and  sheets with signature print will compete the whole setting.

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