2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion

2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion

Trends, styles and combinations that is how most of us define fashion. But we often forget the“20-Year Rule”.The most commonly referenced concept in the fashion industry is this rule. Based on this, what’s popular now will be popular once again in 20 years. So somehow 2020 is  all about vintage fashion.

We have always seen out of trend silhouettes  making their way back like a boss. Just to quote one, the fancy anarkali suits, were modified Angrakhas and their origin dates back to the time of Mughal dynasty. And everybody took to them. Then came in the trend of wearing the Anarkali suits with a palazzo instead of a tight fitting churidar. That is how fashion has been for year now. Here are some fashion vintage fashion trends that might make their way  back in 2020.


Like you see the star of the show that is how one of the most artisanal  60’s trend is making its way back. As amazing as it sounds, the runways this year were brimming with crochet. Brands like dior and valentino laid their hands on this age old technique. This is definitely the crochet season.

2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion

Skirts, tops, dresses, bags hats pretty much everything is crochet- ised. The fun and funky crochet long pants and free-flowing  jumpsuits are back!. To top it all off we have crochet accessories. Stella McCartney Spring 2020 Crochet Dress has gained a lot of popularity , the dress speaks for itself indeed.

Stella McCartney Spring 2020

Tropical prints

Versace’s latest collection heavily featured tropical prints. From palm prints to hibiscus florals tropical patterns are so in. The bright patterns have made a massive impression on everyone. The trees, leaves, flowers, beaches, islands, gardens, colors and abstract details everything is going to rule  the summer to come. Pretty rompers, slit dresses, log skirts, shorts, tee shirts, trousers, you will see this print everywhere.


Polka dots

What all do  we have for  spring bright colours florals and ? Couldn’t think of much either, we have polka dots to our rescue this  year. Not exactly groundbreaking, but totally essential.  This retro trend is one of the most appreciated one. The  way polka dots are coming this season bigger and brighter they will soon turn to an obsession.

2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion

The versatility of this pattern is what makes it so much more wanted. Easy too combine and slay is what I would rather call it. Polka dots in vibrant colours is definitely the bang on summer trend we have all been waiting for. Lets get the retro rewind rolling baby.

Slip dresses

we have seen a lot of slip dresses last year too but we haven’t really looked into the inspiration behind these. The slip dresses come from the mid 90’s have basically become a wardrobe staple at this point. The decade’s minimalist aesthetic is what we should thank for such comfy style.

2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion

Cover up your slip dress with a camo top, style a Button-Down Shirt under it, wear it over  jeans  or may be just style it with a blazer for the formal look. This is a very versatile peice and makes a statement whichever way you wear it.



Oversized collars

Welcome back to the era of oversized collars. We have seen a  plenty of large sharply pointed ’70s collars on the runways over blazers. What we have today ruling the rack sis a more elegant version of that. The oversized collars defined by laces and trims exude a very authentic victorian vibe and all the fashion freaks can’t get enough of it.

That is indeed a retro rebound,hence we can say that 2020 Is All About Vintage Fashion for sure.


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