10 Easy Ways To Achieve Your Health Goals


Young or old, maintaining a healthy mind & body should be everyone’s number one priority; after all it’s the best kind of investment anyone can make. And there is no better day to kick start than today. Be it eating healthier, losing weight or kicking vices like smoking, it’s a tough goal but worry not, here we have listed 10 easy ways you can achieve your health goals.

1) Find Your Motivation–You cannot embark on this health journey till you find your motivation. It could be to feel better in your clothes, be more confident in public, feel more energetic or simply to improve your health levels. You must find what inspires & motivates you since this will keep you going throughout your fitness journey.

2) Set Smart Goals – Its very important to set realistic & achievable goals if you want to hit that finish line. Also while setting goals you must keep in mind that they should be very specific & measurable for example via plethora of phone apps readily available to us.

3) Work On One Short Term Goal At A Time – Its good to have long term goals, but its more practical to chase the short term ones. Lets say you plan to lose 10 kg in 3 months, it might seem tough, unrealistic & you might get off track sighting the slow progress. Its better to break it down into short term goals like 1 kg a week which seems more easily possible and will keep you going till you ultimately achieve your long term goal.

4) Keep A Journal – Writing things down always make them specific, trackable & accountable. Lets say your goal is to implement a healthier diet. If you start a food journal you will always be careful of staying on track because you know its going in your journal, and if and when you slip up you will easily know what went wrong where and you can tweak it accordingly. You don’t have to do it for the rest of your life, but it is a great way to start a healthy habit.

5) Find A Workout Buddy – Be it gymming, a sport or jogging, find a workout buddy as it will keep the fun element alive in the workout. Also when two people workout together they tend to keep each other motivated and more regular.

6) Focus On One Aspect At A Time – If you try to start workout, eat healthier & stop smoking all in one go, you are just setting yourself to fail. It’s too much to take for your mind & body in one go. You must take it one step at a time. Lets say you start a workout routine, then a week later start watching your diet and another week later start cutting down on your smoking, this way you will give your mind and body time to adjust to each shift and you are much more likely to succeed.

7) Try Something New Every Week – Be it workout or eating healthy, lets face it,it all gets boring very soon. To keep yourself on track you must shake things up every now and then. You can try different recipes every week instead of slipping up and eating junk food. Similarly you can try a different jogging path, or a different set of exercises every week so it doesn’t get boring & mundane.

8) Reward Yourself – Every time you hit a short term goal you must reward yourself to keep it interesting and to stay inspired. It doesn’t have to break your bank or take up an entire day. It could be something small yet something that makes you look forward to it like movie night or buying that top you had been eyeing for a while.

9) Be Patient – It might seem like an obvious one but its very important. You must keep it in mind that you are trying to make a permanent change to your mind & body, which takes time to implement. Any new habit takes around 21 days to stick. So be patient, give yourself time and eventually you will reap the benefits.

10) Expect Setbacks– You must have heard someone telling you they were doing well but then had a dinner/weekend trip/party to attend and so left the process and will restart next month. You are only human and changes are always hard. You must expect and keep space for setbacks and not fall off the wagon if you hit one. Allow yourself that one setback, accept it and be more inspired to stay on track and hit your goals.

Remember there are no shortcuts to achieving your health goals. You have to stay patient, focused, motivated, train hard, eat right, kick your vices & ultimately you will have the luxury of a fit mind & body.

Khooni Vaisakhi, a Punjabi poem by a survivor of the Amritsar massacre in 1919

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